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HELLO and WELCOME to BOWDEN BABIES One Of a Kind (OOAK) Nursery!

Hi, my name is Sherry Bowden. I am the proud artist of these precious handmade, hand sculpted OOAK collectible babies! I discovered sculpting nearly seven years ago. Once I started, I have not been able to stop! Sculpting is truly my passion and as long as the Good Lord will allow...I will continue to make these sweet little darlings! I have started molding/casting/producing my own platinum solid silicone babies which I also enjoy!

My goal is to make lifelike babies that are realistic down to the smallest detail. Although my babies are never perfect...they are as unique and individual as all babies are! I am a perfectionist and I hope that it shows each baby I create, detail, and reborn! All of my babies are truly One Of A Kind (OOAK). No professional forms are ever used in my baby's creation...only my hands and imagination. My babies range in size from 2 inches to full term size babies. The preemie sized babies are my favorite and my specialty!

After my babies are hand sculpted with much love, time and attention, I then hand paint them with professional permanent artist oils to further enhance their beauty and to further bring them to life! My solid silicone babies are painted, blushed, highlighted with the best quality Platinum silicone paints that I customize. Much time and attention go into each baby that I create whether it be an OOAK, vinyl, silicone or resin. I will not sacrifice quality for quantity. Most of my babies are Limited Editions whether it be a vinyl reborn kit or solid platinum silicone.

I am proud to say that my babies are now with loving families all around the world! Most of my adoptive parents have returned for one or more siblings! Some of my art babies have been produced into vinyl reborn kit but most are of super soft, lifelike silicone for the utmost realistic look and feel! Please see my gallery for photos or web store for ordering details! My schedule keeps me so very busy, and so the gallery may not be up to the minute...but will post new babies as time permits. So please feel free to enjoy my adopted baby gallery for some of my first works to present! I will be adding more photos in the near future and will be adding more options to the website as well. Please do not forget to sign my Guestbook! Also, please join my Mailing List if you like to be notified of the "newest/latest arrivals"! Thank you visiting BOWDEN BABIES Nursery!

Come join me on FACEBOOK (under my name: Sherry Bowden Bowdenbabies)!

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